Some might not think of replacing their old tires with a new one. They still believe that is fine to use an old tire for their vehicles. As long as there is nothing wrong happening with it, that is still considered in a good condition. If you are having this kind of mindset, you are also putting not only your safety into danger but as well the car’s performance. This might cause accidents or traffic that may slow down the movement of the cars on the road. You don’t want to call Aurora towing services just to help you. There is nothing wrong with as it is their job to fix and do things to help you but it would start congestions in the highway or even to the certain place where your car is not moving anymore.  


The basic thing about having a car is to know all the functions of it. You have to pay attention to the small details of every button and engine parts. The same thing that you need to do with your tire. You have to understand the primary knowledge of knowing a damage one and a time that you need to replace it. You could check as well the different parts of the tire that you don’t know the function of each. Every single structure of it has its own functionality like for example the tread. It is not safe when your tire is being torn by sharp things and stuff. It would cause the air pressure to reduce until it becomes flat. There could be different tread structures and patterns depending to the company, model and brand of course.  

There are many ways to check the tread of the car. You can use a penny test, in which you will insert a penny to get to know if it needs replacement or not. When you do this and you come up with seeing the head of Abe or even the copper is being seen, then you need a new tire immediately. Aside from this, you might also want to try the tread gauge. This one will give you the specific and concrete answer. Don’t worry about the price of it as it is just very affordable to your local hardware. The good thing about buying this one is that it is very useful whenever you have this experience. You don’t need to use a coin or penny just to check.  

Observe and inspect any irregularities on your tire’s tread. Check the whole parts of it not only to the one side or part. Be observant about any bulges on the tire. There are reasons why you have this in your car. First, it is caused by driving too fast. Second, you have driven your car to an area where there are many holes or curbs.  

Based on your manual, you need a replacement of tires every after 6 to 7 years. This will make the car’s performance even better. If you feel any vibration or something that gives movement, then you really need to check the tire before it is too late.