Our mattress can last us for a long time with proper care but how do we know if it is time to change and buy a new mattress? 

We can tell if it is time to change it if it already too small for us sleeping in it, if it is not too comfortable, not good for our body posture, if there are damages, for sanitary purposes and a whole lot more reasonable.

As we know are mattresses are so heavy, big, and very difficult to dispose of and the best way to do it is by calling junk removal Fort Lauderdale in that way it can be convenient for us we can save all our time and energy. We can even avoid accidents, injuries, and damages in our home when we are taking it out. 

 Change Mattress

We don’t need to rent for types of equipment and vehicles since they will pick it up and deliver it where it should be. The best thing about hiring junk removal services is that they would know the best way and place to dispose of your mattress like giving it up for recycling industries or donations in that way our landfills won’t increase.  

Nowadays our landfills increase because of all the junk especially our mattresses it is non-biodegradable it takes too much time to decompose and too much space. So imagine people who are changing their mattress yearly our landfills increases and it is not good for the environment.

That is why it is really important to find a way in how we can recycle and what we can do with this old mattress.

How long should our Mattress last? 

Our mattress can last longer depending on the quality and care that we give it, it is important that we clean and maintains it carefully in that way there will be no damage or pest that can live in our mattress. Mattress can last up to 10 years and the lesser quality in 5 years. So it is only important to know if there is really a need in changing our mattress. 

  • Check if your mattress is worn out  
  • If you wake up tired, in pain, and in bad posture 
  • If it is saggy or lumpy 
  • If there are signs of wear, tear, or ripping 

How do we dispose of our Mattress? 

  1. Recycle or Repurpose – it is important that we recycle our mattress we can get its components and make something useful out of it. We can also have it recycled by recycling companies and organizations in that way we can help in decreasing landfills.  
  1. Donate – you can donate your mattress to people who are in need and cannot afford to buy their mattress you can donate it to shelters and a lot more. You can help everybody by doing this.  
  1. Sell it – you can sell it by starting garage sales or going to junk shops that would need the components of your mattress. If you have clean and mattress that is in good condition you can sell it online.